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Straight from writers here at DCC, you'll find these articles enlightening, empowering and inspiring. From personal testimonies to parables, God is revealed in each.

Have you ever felt betrayed? How about hurt, from someone you thought was trustworthy? Hear from Alexis Nealy on how bitterness from not having a forgiving almost disrupted her life.

Ever felt like giving up? Hopelessness is very prevalent in today's society, often produced by extreme pressures that are by-products of misrepresentations of what a success life looks like and how to achieve it. Read this article for a much needed encouragement boost.

Words have power. It is a truth that has been around for ages. As Christians, this should come as no surprise to us. Why, then, does it seem like it is so hard sometimes to speak positive, and so easy to speak negatively? 

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