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From the special video presentations to the video bible study series, and also the audio archive list of previous sermons, DCC has a varied array of media content to deliver ministry material to provide knowledge and understanding to a broad spectrum of individuals.

We encourage you to view the different forms of resources listed below.


The importance of the Word is not only vital as a guide for living, but a sustaining force that gives us the ability to endure. At Daytona Christian Center, we use various forms of media to inspire, educate and deliver the life transforming Word of God.

Straight from writers here at DCC, you'll find these articles enlightening, empowering and inspiring. Keep up with all the latest events happening here at Daytona Christian Center. 

 We offer a peek into our intriguing and in-depth midweek Bible Study. They cover a wide range of topics that address the unique challenges and paths to victory for the believer.


God not only desires for us to develop and strengthen our spiritual lives, but also to take care of and strength our natural bodies. Here we offer insight and encouragement.  


We hope these messages will inspire you to strive for a deeper, more sincere walk with God, and come to a greater realization of the complete work of Christ expressed throughout His word.

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