We hope these messages will inspire you to strive for a deeper, more sincere walk with God, and come to a greater realization of the complete work of Christ expressed throughout His word.


We believe in four essential characteristics, expressed through the acronym F.I.R.E., that will help conform our standards according to God's standards. F.I.R.E. stands for Faith, Integrity, Righteousness, and Excellence. We are a people who walk by faith, not by sight, leaning totally on God as supreme authority. We choose to make the right choices, even if God is the only one looking, which upholds our integrity. We put on God's righteousness through Christ for our lives, knowing that we are insufficient in our own selves. And because our God is a God of excellence, we are resolved to be a people of excellence in everything we do. And it's through the written, spoken and revealed Word of God that an understanding and equipping comes to execute these characteristics. 

KEEP DOING WELL - Pastor Rory Carey
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EXTRAORDINARY - Pastor Rory Carey
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HEAVENLY MINDED - Pastor Rory Carey
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WALKING IN THE TRUTH - Pastor Rory Carey
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THE RIGHT ATTITUDE - Pastor Rory Carey
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Our vision is to help the body of Christ to "Realize God's Best" in every area of life.  Our primary approach in doing so is to expose the truths found in God's Word.




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