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Written by Alexis Carey

Have you ever felt betrayed? How about hurt, from someone you thought was trustworthy? People that are the closest to us usually have the ability to hurt us the most because we have given them access into our sensitive areas. When they wrong us, grudges can sometimes form. The emotions that come after being hurt are normal but ultimately never lead us to what God desires for us.

After a long 17 years of searching for my biological father, it finally happened for me. When I made contact with him, I forgot about past disappointments and hurts and focused my eyes on my new life that would include my ‘dad.’ I had high hopes that our relationship would take off. I mean, why wouldn’t I think so? I was his first born, hadn’t spoke to him or ever seen him. I thought that would have been plenty reason to think he wanted to get to know me. However, it became obvious that my own father was ok with not having me in his life and soon drifted out of communication with me…again. Bitterness and anger became my best friend. I think I can even go as far to say, I hated him. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that he did not want me.

In search of help, I found in God’s word that forgiveness brings healing, comfort and peace. I found God true when he says He is the mender of the broken-hearted. I found comfort when God told me that even when my mother and father forsake me, He would receive me. My mind came to a peace when I learned how to keep my mind on Him. All the wonderful promises and love whispers from God lead me to a place called “I forgive my dad.”  Now, I can text him and wish him happy birthday and happy father’s day…..I can even tell him I love him, and really mean it. The truth is I don’t know how God does it… BUT HE DID IT! It’s absolutely mind blowing!!!! God sees our hurts and disappointments.  It’s not His desire to leave us in that state of being. Cast every care/concern on Him and He will fix it! It’s a promise!

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