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Primary Roles

These actors are present throughout the majority of the play:

* Grace Walker: Female. 13. Fun loving teenager. Daughter of Jerome and Erica Walker. Grace is
innocent, open-hearted, with a positive attitude and a spunky personality. She always wants to help
people and sometimes that gets her into trouble. Grace is close to her mom, but she is also a Daddy’s
girl. She is very wise for her age and has a knack for saying the right things at the right times. In the
play, she is put in a few complicated positions, but her faith, hope, and love for her family helps her to
expertly maneuver out of each of them.
Grace appears in Scenes 3-6, 8
(Being able to sing is preferred, but not required.)

* Jerome Walker: Male, 33. Graphic Designer. Son of Robert and Bernice Walker, father to Grace,
husband to Erica. At the height of an abusive period in his teenage years, Jerome made a decision that
left his family shattered. He is still very bitter about the past, and of everyone in the family, he is the
most reluctant to move beyond the scars the past has left. He is very strict and very sarcastic. In the
play, he finds himself in a serious predicament that forces him to rely on the very family members he
once wanted nothing to do with.
Jerome appears in Scenes 4-8
(Being able to sing is preferred, but not required.)

* Anari Walker-Watson: Female, 32. President of the family business, the Better Business Builders.
She is the oldest daughter of Robert and Bernice Walker. Sister to Jerome and Natasha. She is very
efficient, very professional, stylish and chic. She is very smart and a natural born problem solver. In
the play, she is stuck between balancing the family business, being a ‘good’ daughter & sister, and
forgiving family members for their roles in causing the pain of the past.
Anari appears in Scenes 1-8.

* Natasha Walker: Female, 28. President of a rehabilitation program for girls, Little Miss Fix It. She
is the youngest daughter of Robert and Bernice Walker. Sister to Jerome and Anari. She is very
efficient, very professional, stylish and chic. She is very caring, creative, and passionate about serving
the young ladies in the program. In the play, she is hoping that her family can move beyond the past
mistakes of her father, and finally be a family again.
Natasha appears in Scenes 1-8.

Secondary Roles at the Heart of the Play

These characters are essential to the play, but are not in every scene.

 * Bernice Walker: Female, early 60s. Retired. Wife of Robert. Mother to Jerome, Natasha, and Anari.
Grandmother to Grace. Bernice is the family matriarch, a warm and loving homemaker, and she will
do whatever it takes to keep the peace in her home. She has a vibrant personality, she is very
emotional, and she loves her family. She is very motherly and she is still madly in love with her
husband of 39 years. In the play, she has forgiven her husband of all his struggles of the past and her
greatest desire is for her family to be together again, even if some family members don’t feel the same
Bernice appears in Scenes 1, 4, 7, 8

 * Robert Walker: Male, early 60s. Retired businessman. Husband to Bernice. Father to Jerome,
Natasha, and Anari. Grandfather to Grace. Robert hit a slump in his career when his kids were in high
school. Because of it, he made a lot of poor decisions that almost cost him everything, including his
family. Though he was able to turn things around, some of the damage he caused has proven to be
irreparable. In the play, he struggles with self-forgiveness and the hope of being able to put the broken
pieces of his family back together again.
Robert appears in Scenes 1, 3-8

 * Kaylee Gordon: Girl, 15. Student in the Little Miss Fix It program as she has suffered abuse at the
hands of her former foster parents. Kaylee is very popular and has a flair for making a scene. She is a
socialite with a record. She is known for starting fights, skipping school, and sneaking out. In the play,
she struggles with living up to her image and doing the right thing.
Kaylee appears in Scenes 5, 8

The Smallest Roles

These character very few lines in each scene.

 Ben Watson: Male, early 30s.Veterinarian. Husband to Anari. Ben cares very much about Mr. and
Mrs. Walker, his in-laws. Because Robert Walker has been like a father to him, he is loyal to them and
is always considering them when decisions are made.
Ben appears in Scenes 1, 4, 5-8.

 Reporter: Any age, any gender. Reporter. He is out to prove that Robert Walker is a fraud. He will use any method to get a story, even employing unscrupulous tactics.
The Reporter appears in Scenes 4, 6

 Trey Emerson: Male, early 30s. Business Professional. Love Interest of Anari.
Trey appears in Scene 8

 Erica Walker: Female, early 30s. Artist. Wife to Jerome. Mother to Grace. Erica is very gentle and
kind-hearted. She and Grace are very close as mother and daughter. She and Jerome have a solid
marriage, but she has kept something from him. In the play, her secret is forced into the light and she
must come clean to Jerome about herself and her feelings toward him.
Erica appears in Scene 7,8.

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