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Charlie is one of most popular, affluent, socialites at her high school. Mom and Dad have worked around the clock for years and she has settled into a very posh lifestyle. Over the years, Charlie has grown accustomed to the way things are and change is the last thing on her mind.


Unfortunately Charlie’s world is turned upside down when her parents decide to attend church, take a break from work, and pursue ‘the deeper meaning of life”. Though it’s set in the mountains of discreet little town called Millville, a “Snow Capped Christmas” will leave you with the warmth of the holiday spirit that only a Christmas classic can bring.


Derek has all the answers. He’s a good person, with good intentions. That should be enough to satisfy a good God, right? It’s not until Derek comes face to face with on bad situation too many that he realizes that maybe being ‘good’ just isn’t good enough.

“One Wish for Christmas” will take you on an emotional journey that is sure to hit home. It serves as a reminder that we should all be careful what we wish for; because we might just get it.


After Kameron Townsend, retired air force veteran, lost his wife to cancer, he moved his son and daughter across state lines to raise them in a slower environment. Had Kameron known the affects the move would have on his son, Khalil, he may have thought twice about relocating.

Facing insurmountable odds, Kameron and Khalil find themselves in a whirlwind that will take the grace of God to get out of in one piece.


Through the years, Jamal and Leigh have co-raised their daughter, Cory. Though Cory tries to maintain the peace between the two of them, her parents fragile relationship is on the brink of total destruction and Cory is caught in the middle! Things only get more chaotic when Jamal learns that Leigh is engaged - and her fiancé wants to move to Alaska!

This whimsical Christmas story, complete with a caroling portion for children, is one that will show the enduring love of Christ and that His plans for us are truly to give us a hope and a preferred future, despite our own good intentions!


Jada had a life changing incident of a physical nature happen to her in her teens. Over the years, she has
struggled to move past the trauma of the situation.  The struggle of self-forgiveness prevents her from
having an intimate relationship with God.

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