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Selfless. Humble. God-fearing. These are some of the adjectives used to describe the dynamic duo of Pastors Rory and Linda Carey. Whether in the face of difficult circumstances, to times of ultimate bliss, Pastors Rory and Linda Carey can be found to be people one can proudly model their Christian lives after.


    Exemplifying for 42 years of what a marriage looks like when Christ is the center of their union, these two have championed the fact that a life of ministry and family can be well balanced. Falling in love at a young, tender age, Pastors Rory and Linda Carey felt the call to ministry in the midst of raising a family of four children. With the task of training up a household full of kids, the natural foundation of the ministry they would lead would be revealed- Youth Ministry.


   The two operated in the capacity of Youth Pastors in several ministries for over 20 years. The challenges that came with instructing and motivating youth over that period of time helped to hone their spiritual leadership and administrative skills. It was during their ministerial assignment as Youth Pastors at Redeeming Word Christian Center International, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that they sensed the call to move to Daytona Beach, FL. After much soul searching, and a little bit of hesitancy, in 2004, they packed their bags and began their journey in establishing Daytona Christian Center.

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