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Our First Phase Youth Ministry is here to support Godly teaching that parents provide at home, and to instill a foundation of the truth of God's Word to all youth to aide them in their Christian maturation.

Raising up the next generation of servants and leaders in the Church

First Phase Generation was designed to be the first line of instruction and basic understanding of God's Word that the youth would encounter before moving on to sit in the adult portion of service. We're here to provide a simpler format of foundational truths from the Word so that a clear understanding is formed, thereby helping the children to possess the abililty to comprehend more meatier matters when lessons are taught in "big people" church. We see ourselves as assisting in the "First Phase" of the process in developing spirit-led, character filled Christians.


We instill the importance of knowing that:


  • They are the next generation to stand and boldly declare God’s goodness in this land

  • They are a leader not a follower among their family, friends, and at school

  • They are to live a life both pleasing to God and their parents

  • They are called to be great and everything their hands touch multiply

  • They are perfectly positioning themselves to receive all God has in store for their life

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