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Saturday, April 7th at 6pm

The singles ministry, iEPIC at Daytona Christian Center is back in action! iEPIC stands for I Encourage Progression in Christian Singles. Our last major event, the Purity Picnic, dealt with various avenues singles can focus on other than finding a mate that encourages purity in all areas of life. This time we are stepping a littler deeper into lives of Christian singles. This year we’re hosting our first conversation on courtship entitled, “The Discussion”. This event is open to the public, targeting those relationships of all kinds; single, courting, married, and divorced.


 On April 6, 2018, at 6pm, The Discussion will take place here at Daytona Christian Center. This event involves a panel discussion, and is an opportunity for the various relationship statuses to come and learn more about the expectations God has set for His believers. To be interactive, we ask that you bring a wireless mobile device. This will give you access to participate in our digital polling.


At The Discussion, you will have the opportunity to answer predetermined questions anonymously. The questions will be asked to the entire audience and a poll will be cast.  After receiving the top answer, our panelist will have the opportunity to give the audience scriptural feedback. We’re here to contrast the world standards, which we’ve been so accustomed to practicing, against the Lords standards, the ones as Christians we’re charged to uphold! Make plans to attend, and bring someone along.

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