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Partner Highlight

Keith Powell

Daytona Christian Center would like to recognize Keith Powell, as the Partner Spotlight of the month. 

Keith was born October 28, 1992 in Miami, FL, the second born of six children. In high school, he played in the band and was on the football team.  Upon graduation, Keith applied to several universities but decided that Bethune Cookman University was where he would further his education. While attending BCU, he participated in several extra-curricular groups such as the Black Executive Exchange Program, Alpha Nu Omega Christian Fraternity Incorporated, Religious Life Fellowship, and more.

Keith's admiration of his step mother receiving her Bachelor’s degree in business inspired him to also major in business administration, with a concentration in marketing. Once he obtained his degree, he continued on to receive his Master's in Marketing and Advertising with Liberty University's Online program. Keith aspires to land a spot on an executive board  and ultimately become a CEO.

Keith barely recalls attending church in his younger years. It wasn’t until he was in college that he started attending consistently. One night, on his way to a club, he came across a bible study that was taking place. Peaking his interest, he came inside and took a seat. Hearing this word, Keith knew in his heart it was especially for him. When the opportunity for salvation was made, Keith accepted that very night.

Not only did Keith meet his Lord and Savior, he also met the love of his life, Shae Powell. They met earlier in college through the acquaintance of her brother. Keith knew, after short while, that she would be his wife. They tied the knot in December  2016.


Earlier in 2016, during the course of his Christian journey, Keith heard God speaking very clearly about moving to a different place of worship. He had a dream about where God would lead him. Excited for whatever God had in store for him, he began visiting DCC and became a partner in 2017. “When I came to DCC the worship was sweet. I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, and the pastors made me a son. It felt like home to me. “

Keith now serves on the sound team, the beautification ministry (Frontline), and the drama team. Since he's become a partner there, he has noticed an increase in his spiritual development. “I liken my relationship with God to a marriage.”  Keith explains.  "The beginning is easy and blissful, and then tough times come to solidify the relationship."  He declares that God has been faithful in revealing His love in every rough and dry place. He also believes that now that he has experienced a true relationship with God, there is no turning back. “Drawing closer to God is life.”

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