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Main Sanctuary

Friday, January 27 at 10:00pm

In times past, churches would devote time in which they would deny sleep to seek the Lord for breakthroughs and triumphs over various challenges of the church universal, and also in different areas of the congregation’s personal lives. Prayers and petitions would be lifted up to God. Worship and praise would be interwoven with their prayers. These special times would come to be known as shut-in services.


Shut-in services are a staple of older churches. They are significant because the congregation would literally shut themselves in the sanctuary for the entire length of the night, usually until daybreak. Congregants would depend on and lean on each other to ensure that the time was committed to seeking the Lord, and not seeking the comforts of sleep. Shut-ins were commonly the culmination of a dedicated fast participated by all members, and a breakfast was usually the meal that broke the fast after the shut-in was completed.


Daytona Christian Center will be flowing in that same vein when we host our form of a shut-in service called Midnight Glory. We’re setting time and sleep aside to seek the Lord for His Will and Purpose for our ministry and lives in 2017. Yes, we have called a church-wide fast the week leading up to Midnight Glory, and it will be the climax of our desire to see God manifest Himself in and through us. So join us Friday, January 27th, at 10pm, here at DCC. We’re located at 1801 South Nova Road Suite #308 in South Daytona. This service will be filled with prayer, praise and worship, testimonials, insight into God’s Word, and time for meditation. Be a part of something special. And at 6:30am on Saturday morning, we will break our corporate fast over a delightful breakfast. We look forward to seeing you there.

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