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by Shanicka Tairu

Everything that we say and do is based on how we think about something. Our emotions go up and down, we have a plethora of ideas that might change with the moon, decision-making is a challenge, and so much more. This mind of ours is where inconsistency starts. I recently heard my Pastor say that we must know who God is in order to know who we are. How we think about our selves and about life is determined by the way we think. Our perspective on things is tainted when we don't see things through God's eyes.  


   Lately, I have noticed that I've had to truly rid myself of many thoughts that have plagued my mind. It gets frustrating because sometimes it feel as though I am fighting a losing battle against those thoughts,  I should feel as though I am winning, but I feel the complete opposite. Yet, there are two things I continue to hear God say: "I am here" and "Stay focused". 


   Isaiah 26:3 states that He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast (committed, constant), because they trust in Him. That tells me that there will be times when l will have to fight against my own thoughts to keep my peace. This is not a fight against flesh and blood, but one where we must fight back with God's word. That's the only way that we win. There is a battle in the mind each day. The enemy wants us to feel defeated so he tries many things to deceive us into THINKING opposite of God's truth. I must be honest; it's not the easiest thing to do, but with consistency and determination, I'm confident that God will see us through. I am a living testimony. 


   For years I struggled with negative thoughts that the enemy tried to make me feel were real and unbreakable. God helped me to see how much of a lie that was. I have determined that I will fight for my peace and EVERYTHING that God has for me. It won't be easy, but I know for sure that giving in to these thoughts and lying in defeat are not options.


     Understand that the key to victory is to continue to diligently seek God and trust in who He is. Read His word so that you can know who you are. When you have determined the truth about who you are it becomes easier each time to fight because you now understand from what position you're fighting from- the VICTORS seat.


As the health and wellness ministry, God has called us to minister to the whole man. Working out the body is necessary but working out our Faith is priority. Put God's word on repeat and choose to fight back!

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