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So, I'm here to totally spill my secret. I absolutely love myself!


Now, I don't say that in an overly confident manner, but in a more, God has made me fearfully and wonderfully way. With that, I have every reason to love myself. Don't over think His thoughts about you and me. He means exactly what He says.


Have I honestly always been this way? NO! I got to this point about a year ago when I realized that I really didn't have much love for myself. I identified several areas that I shared a lack of love. For starters, I neglected the care of my physical body. I also wasn't putting the right, nutritional things into my body. And the biggest one, the manner in which I thought of and viewed myself was totally negative.


Loving yourself is more than just speaking positive things over and about you. It includes a personal responsibility of having to do something about the way you feel. Now does that mean that I'm walking around super healthy, super fit, and with muscles sculpted over every inch of my body? I'm sorry but no. Yet it simply means that I am more aware and conscious of what I do in regards to my physical well-being and what I say in regards about myself.


Whether you realize it or not, God truly desires for us to love ourselves. Galatians 5:14 says, “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” With that being said, I challenge you to start this process. See what God’s Word says about you. Allow that to be your guide about how you can love yourself and not some magazine that has this false image of what a beautiful woman or a handsome man should look like. Let's not fixate our ideas of what we should look like or where our identity is found after false reality TV stuff! We all know that's a lie!


Again, this is not a push for you to be so full of yourself to the point where you are of no good to absolutely anyone, not even you, but rather a push to simply love God, love others, and also love yourself. When you begin to increase a healthy, yet humble, love for yourself, you will begin to realize that you will be able to love others to a much greater extent!

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